Monday, April 27, 2009

New Things

It is amazing to me how fast Jonah is growing and discovering and experiencing new things. This weekend Jonah attended his first party. Although it was an adult party the theme was a such that he was able to attend. Some friends of ours threw a "White Trash" party. Apparantly they are becoming hot new trend. Look up stuff on the internet from costumes to decorations and you can find all kinds of stuff inbetween.

Jonah with his new friend Clair. They attended the party together :)Jonah has also been trying to working on his head control. He really likes to sit up so we decided to put him in his Bumbo seat to see how it would go.

Sitting in our Bumbo seat like a big boyMonday while with Aunt Rachel Jonah had the experience of holding his own bottle. This might be just one of those things that happened today, but who knows. He could be an overachiever!

Lastly, I have tried to play Peek-A-Boo several times with him and get him to at least smile and I captured it on video today.

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