Saturday, April 25, 2009

Family Night

Balancing work and home is tough to do. Add a baby to the mix and it gets even harder. This is the third week that I have been back at school and it has been tough to find time to get school stuff done as well hang out with Jonah. Teaching has a great schedule but it is not a job where you go, work, and go home. Also, many times the two and a half months off in the summer is spent recuperating from the past year and getting ready for the year ahead. Next year I will be blessed to be able to go part time. This will allow me to work 2 or 3 days a week. All this being said I've decided to devote at least one night a week to just hanging out with Josh and Jonah and that is what we did on Thursday night.

For our first family night we decided to go on a walk around our neighborhood. It is a mile and a half all the way around. We've walked it 2 nights in a row! After getting back we took a bath and had our 8 o'clock snack out on the deck. It was perfect.

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This weekend we are going to a "White Trash" party so stay tuned for pictures.

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