Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New Friend

Jonah and his friend Landon "chillin" at Chili's

This weekend our friends Steven and Ellie came to visit with their kids Natalie and Landon. Landon is 6 weeks older than Jonah. The last time they saw each other Jonah was only a couple days old.

It was soooooo good to see them and have some time to hang out like old times. Soon they will be leaving for France. We've already started saving to take a visit. The boys weigh the same but Landon is about an inch longer than Jonah. Enjoy some pictures from the weekend.

Where are we headed Mom?

Bathed and just getting to know each other.

We hope you all have a great Easter. I'll try and post pictures from Jonah's first Easter tomrrow.

Good Night!

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