Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Times

This will be short and sweet but I had to share this picture. Jonah and I were goofing off in the kitchen this afternoon while I was making cookies. I was doing some crazy dance or something trying to make him laugh. Then as I was loading us up to go and pump in the other room I didn't even notice where I put my equipment. I just needed to be able to carry him and the stuff to the other room. You can see the result below.

As I was laughing hysterically I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotions over my mom not being able to share in these crazy moments. I often tell Jonah that he comes from a long line of crazy people. My mom just had this crazy way about her. I have so many things to be thankful for but sometimes I think I would give it all up just to have my mom back and have her share in these precious moments with my son.

On a lighter note. I do not believe in evolution but my son might be able to make a case for the scientist the way he uses his feet to grab stuff. He almost go his foot stuck in one of the links today.

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