Monday, June 8, 2009

6 Years And Counting

Yesterday Josh and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. Needless to say we have come a long way in 6 years but still have a long way to go. I found myself several times yesterday thinking what was I doing at that moment 6 years ago. Here's what I remember:

8 a.m.: A picnic breakfast made by a family friend in the livingroom of our just aquired house

9 a.m: Off to the hair dresser in the limo with my sister and bridesmaids

10 a.m.: Dropped the bridesmaids off at the church and went to pick up my mom and sisters at their hair dressers.
11 a.m. Getting dressed, makeup, and preparing for pictures.
2 p.m. Racing down the isle to meet my groom. My dad had to hold me back and tell me to walk slower.
3:30 p.m. After what seemed like hours of taking pictures Josh and I were able to greet friends and family at the reception (I never got any of my cake)
5 p.m. After changing Josh and I exited the church while our families and a few friends (they were the only ones left) blew bubbles. I seem to remember someone tossing the bubble mixture at me insted of using the little wand.
6 p.m. Timberline Steakhouse. Josh and I were starving after the long day and decided to share our first meal as husband and wife at one of our favorite steakhouses.

The first year and a half of marriage was tough. Not only were we getting used to each other and all that comes with sharing a house with someone but we were dealing with the illness and death of my mom. I thank the Lord every day that I have such a wonderful husband who put with a lot of emotion those first couple years.

We now have a beautiful son and a new house. The Lord has so richly blessed us. So many marriages don't even make it this far. I know that we are older and wiser now and I pray that we continue to grow closer and closer as husband and wife but also closer as parents to Jonah and hopefully more kids to come.

We hope to get away soon to celebrate but Josh and a family friend spent the weekend putting in our sprinkler system. I couldn't resist taking a couple pics.
The pictures don't have anything to do with our anniversery but I have to keep my family (now 3 gone) updated. Here are some pictures of Jonah this weekend.

Does anyone know how to get these things off my feet?????

I promise that I don't usually put my child in front of the TV. Unfortunatly he already loves it. If we are in the living room he is automoatically drawn to it. I just had to take the picture!

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