Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Days

I'm sure lots of people wonder what moms do when they stay at home with their kids. Needless to say we do a lot. There are not always outward signs of the things we get done but let me asure you, we do plenty.

Here is how Jonah and my day goes. It isn't always the same time every day but it's getting better.

4-6 am: Wake up, eat, and look at our lights (We have indirect lighting in our room and Jonah loves to look at them while he sits in his boppy pillow). Eventually, he falls asleep for his morning nap.

6-8 am: Early morning nap, wake up and eat.

8-10 am: Sit in our swing or seat while mom eats breakfast and has her devotional time. Sometimes I have to eat and read fast because it is time for another feading.

10-12 am: Help mom with the laundry, have some mommy time, take another nap, and yes, EAT!

Our afternoons vary. Lots of times we take a nap together or sit and watch a show together. We start dinner and wait for dad to get home. Then Jonah gets to have his daddy time.

As night draws near I realize that it has been a really long day and sometimes like I said before there isn't a lot to show for it but I have had a day with my little boy and nothing can compare with that.

So that is kind of our day in a nutshell. Each day is a little different but nothing can replace these few precious days at the beginning of a life.

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