Friday, May 29, 2009

Just Another Day

Well today officially ends the work week. Oh, wait..... I didn't have to go to work. YIPEE!!!! Actually, I did stop in twice this week because I'm not checked out of my classroom yet. It is amazing how much you don't get done when you have a little one. Gone are the days of just getting up and going to school or the store or anywhere for that matter. I have no complaints, he is a great baby, but having a child really changes things.

Tonight we decided to take Jonah to the pool for the first time. We went to the new YMCA indoor pool. I didn't get any pictures because I wasn't sure where to put the camera where it wouldn't get taken. I'll try to get some soon. He looked so cute in his little board shorts and sun shirt. Let's just say it is hard to get all those clothes off when the kid is wet!

Anyway.... Today Rachel watched Jonah for a couple hours while I went in to school and got some things done. It is amazing how much crap I have accumulated over the 2 years I have been at the school. After working, Jonah and I took Rachel out for a thank you lunch. We are really going to miss her when she is gone. Jonah will be 9 months old when she gets back.

Here are a couple pictures from our day. I also included a video of Jonah starting to roll over. I say at the end of the video that his "rolls" keep him from rolling over and it really is true! He has discovered his toes too. If he could get enough momentum he might be able to get over the rolls. :) Good Night and God Bless..............

I have to lose 5 lbs so I look good in my suit.
Anyone have a membership to the Y I can borrow?

Our blanket boy

Have you been riding with my mom lately?

Clothes. I need clothes. Does anyone know where I can find some?

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